Zwirek, Jeff – Burning Building Comix #2


Burning Building Comix #2

Is it OK that I’m already thinking ahead for when this series makes as much sense going up and down as it does now going left to right? Not that I’m taking anything away from the individual issues, as this is another great one, but I’m really looking forward to laying them all out (however many there are, I’m guessing 3-5 when it’s done) and reading them every which way. Like the first issue, there are two stories here, the first covering the bottom portion of the book and the second covering the top half. The bottom story deals with a very fat man who discovers that his apartment is on fire… and then finds that he can’t fit out his front door. Hilarity, of course, ensues. The top portion of the comic deals with a woman who finds out that she is having her baby right as she finds out that her apartment is on fire. Her husband (boyfriend, friend, whatever) comes over, things start to look bad for the both of them, and then things improve due to one of the best tension relievers I’ve seen in a comic. I shall say no more about it. Here’s hoping that this series is the one that lets Jeff get some of the recognition he deserves, few people work harder at this relatively thankless business than he does. $3

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