Zwirek, Jeff – Burning Building Comix #1


Burning Building Comix #1

What a fabulous idea for a comic. Jeff is building a story about a burning apartment building from the ground up, literally. He instructs the reader to follow along the bottom portion of the pages, then come back to the start when finished and read the upper part of the story. The bottom half details (and this is all wordless) a man trying to commit suicide who knocks over his candles in his mad flailings. This makes him realize that he’ll be found dead, hanging and charred, and the rest of his story is his mad attempt to get down from the noose and get the fire in the house under control, using the holiest item available to help himself out. Above that you have the story of a sleeping older woman and her dog. The dog senses problems long before the old woman does and is desperately trying to get her attention and save them both. I should point out that, in every way, this is the most gorgeous comic that Jeff has done. He’s not messing around with those production values, and I’ve never seen the art look better. He also plans on having future issues deal with the other floors of the building, eventually linking the whole thing together. Maybe somebody else has already done something similar and maybe they haven’t, but it’s a great idea and he’s off to a solid start. Oh, and he’s hard at work on Black Star #4 (as of 3/21/07), for all of you who are as curious as I am… $3

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