Vonduskra, Greg – Tread #5


Tread #5

It’s hard to say much bad about an artist who has a better effort every time out than his last one. This is the conclusion of his travel journal to India and London and it’s just fascinating. He has a very real and self-deprecating way of looking at how other people must see him in his travels and a real appreciation for how lucky he is to be seeing all the amazing things that he is. This book is all about his trip, no shorter strips involved, and I think it helps that all we have to focus on is his trip. If and when he ever collects his stuff I think this should all be in one volume. There aren’t many artists out there who do much of the travel journal stuff, Peter Kuper and Joe Sacco being notable exceptions, but I think Greg could be in that illustrious company if he has the money to keep going places and the will to keep writing about it. I’m fascinated to see where he’s going from here, and to everybody who’s been reading me ramble about him for a while now but still haven’t checked him out, this is an excellent place to start. Go to his website and check out his stuff!

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