Vonduskra, Greg – Tread #6


Tread #6

Greg goes back to a bunch of short stories in this one instead of one longer one, proving to me once again that he’s getting to the level of doing everything right. The story of his travels was great, partially because it was one long, coherent story, but I think he has the timing down of the short stories pretty much nailed. Don’t make me choose which one I like better! The main story is about a snake charmer. Written by Robert Young (and shame on you if you don’t know who he is, as he’s putting out the only real competition to The Comic’s Journal), it’s also the basis for the lovely wraparound cover. It’s a grim and dreary tale, but also fascinating, so don’t be sad. Next is a quiet, poignant story about the culture of fear that’s been so prevalent since 9/11, as he describes all the little things about an airport. The last one is a wandering story about a cockroach and a woman. Still interesting, it kind of meanders a bit. All in all, it’s another solid book, and I don’t see that changing as long as Greg keeps trying new things. Check it out, and read his older stuff too if you haven’t already…

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