Vonduskra, Greg – Tread #4


Tread #4

It’s always a treat to get a new one from Greg in the mail. This one was mostly about his trip to India. A travel journal is kind of a different direction from him, but it was fascinating to read. He was traveling a few months after 9/11 and perceptions were (and maybe still are) different. His experiences around town are fascinating. It wouldn’t be a Tread comic without a few short strips though. You’ve got one in this book about the Smiths, one about him talking to Eddie Campbell, and a couple about robots. I think this is probably all around the best issue he’s done to date. Everything in here was interesting and well put-together, and I have a hard time asking for more from a comic. If this is my first review of mine of his work that you’re reading, well, I think he’s got all kinds of potential and you should be reading his stuff. You know, it actually sounds kind of bad to say “potential”, as that implies that he’s not doing great work now. He is and you should be reading it. Contact info is above, all you have to do is scroll up…

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