Roberts, Rafer – Plastic Farm #9


Plastic Farm #9 Now Available! $2.95

My pledge to you guys: when #10 comes out I’m going to sit down, read all these in a row, and tell you honestly what I got out of it. There’s a whole lot of stuff going on here and I feel like I’m losing the thread a bit just reading them when they come out every few months. Maybe I’m assuming that Rafer has his universe together more than he really has and maybe I’m not giving him enough credit already. Hey, I guess that’s kind of like a “tease”, huh? This one is about Ralph Baker, who has been going by the name of Raoul since he was experimented on for money and left a trail of debts (and damage) in his wake. What does this have to do with everything else? Well, as always, we’ll have to wait and see. The backup story is The Continuing Adventures of Fat Man and Little Boy (by Scott Christian Carr & Jeff Westover) is a post-apocalyptic tale, too short to really get much out of, but the art was too smudgy to see what was going on whenever the characters weren’t standing perfectly still anyway. To be fair, like I said, this was only a few pages long and it might be the kind of thing that grows on you after a dozen pages or so. Contact info is up there, I still think this is well worth the effort to try and figure out what’s going on here and where exactly this story is headed…

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