Roberts, Rafer – Plastic Farm #10


Plastic Farm #10

Remember when I said I would sit down and read this whole thing when #10 came out to see how it all fit together? Well, Rafer said himself at the back of this one that he hopes people do that at the end of the 12th issue, so that’s my new plan. As for this issue, this is where the “oh, so THAT’S here he was going with that” moments start to creep in. It’s all about Jake Goner, a cop who’s investigating the deaths of the two cops from #3 (remember them?) until he’s suddenly called off from the higher-ups. Naturally, he doesn’t take this lying down, and mayhem ensues. Well, not mayhem so much as police work, but mayhem is a lot more fun to type. He also promises 5 chapters in the next issue heading off in all sorts of directions, so I think this is finally at the point where it all starts coming together. Frankly, he’s going to have to do a lot to pull that off with some of these dangling plot lines, but I look forward to seeing if he can do it.

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