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Brown Day Bag

That may be the best cat image I’ve ever seen in a comic, and there have been a whole bunch of cats in comics over the years. Something about it perfectly captures the inherent sphinx-like quality of a lot of cats. The comic inside is great too, even if it has nothing to do with cats. It opens with a quiet story of Jeff going to school a few hours early and killing time at a library and grocery store. He stops to really take in all the sights, wondering who lives in the house with all the odd aquarium lighting and noticing how the sight of the college itself can dominate the town from many different spots. He follows that up with a futuristic tale of being stuck in the forest for 18 days with a woman, told in a series of single panel pages. Next up are a few unrelated pages (and hey, why not leave those a mystery for anybody who actually picks up the book), then the story of his brief time with what sounds suspiciously like a modern hippie commune. Or maybe I’m biased and thinking that anybody who voluntarily craps in a bucket must be in some sort of commune, who knows? All told it’s a pretty solid mini for the league average price of $3.

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