Lowry, Janice – Family Tales #4


Family Tales #4

Here I was, thinking I was at least vaguely qualified to opine on all these books due to the sheer volume of comics that I read, when I saw in the note attached with this comic (and #5, which should be up here shortly) that this is a graphic novel (spread apart, obviously) from the journals that she’s been keeping for 30 years… that have been accepted to the permanent collection of The Smithsonian Archives of American Art.  If you can ignore that horrendous run-on sentence, please note that I am out of my league here.  I am intrigued as to where this series started, as #4 picks up with the introduction of her journals, meaning #1-3 were about…?  Regardless, when I hear that somebody is starting a graphic novel based on 30 years of personal journals, that’s instantly fascinating.  This issue details a trip she took when she was 14, her memories of the trip and the way she described it in her journal.  She also talks about the concept of flashbulb memories, how her journals help her teach and how the telling of this story landed her in the hospital.  OK, there were other factors, but she still mostly blames the art.  The only trouble is with the art, as it occasionally looks sloppy and rushed.  Looking over her website I can see that she might have trouble sticking to depicting literal reality (I can relate), which is NOT something that has to be a detriment in the making of comics.  Either way it’s a minor quibble, and it’s not going to do a thing to dull my interest in the making of a graphic novel based on 30ish years of a life.  No price but this is nicely put together… $4?

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