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My constant quest to get everybody out there doing mini comics onto one website continues, but I wouldn’t be able to have gathered nearly as much as I have (if I had to guess, maybe 5% of the people who make minis. MAYBE) if it weren’t for people like Jeff who just send their books in. Maybe once I find that first million dollars I can travel the world, looking for the local culture spots where people make minis, but for now this is still the best way to do it. The bulk of this comic is an awkward conversation between two young women who see each other again randomly after years apart. Roe meets Jen Jones on a remote island minutes before a giant tsunami hits, and conversation is awkward because Roe hated the woman. The conversation finishes, Roe spends a minute or two alone… and then it’s all over, and Roe is stuck there, dead and all. There’s also a brief story about balloons and two guys fighting that flew right over my head, but that’s bound to happen. The bulk of the book was still fascinating and I have another mini from the guy to review in the next couple of weeks, which always helps with forming a more complete opinion. No price tag, but it’s one of those big minis, so… $3?

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