Lok, Jeff – Pockmarked Apocalypse #1

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Pockmarked Apocalypse #1

You can always count on me to enjoy a good tale about the end of the world. The key is that it has to be a GOOD tale, not just one of many cliched, derivative stories out there about the subject. One issue of anything is too soon to make a definitive judgment, but I like the look of this one already. This takes place 40 years after the end of the world, after (as the back of the book says) “peak oil, global warming and war”. OK, granted, that sounds like it could go into hackneyed territory, but then you see the bombs that blew up large parts of the world, and it’s immediately obvious that Jeff is making his own mark on this genre. This first issue deals mostly with an older man, living by himself, cutting his heart pills down (to make them last?) and reminiscing about a time when cars and big trucks actually drove by on the highway. He’s also obsessed with a long lost love, or perhaps just the one that got away. In other words, there’s a lot still to be revealed in this series (projected at 8 issues), but this is damned promising start. One minor complaint: the end of the book, a six panel page, has three panels of story and then three panels of acknowledgments and contact information. It was jarring and looked damned ugly. Just my personal opinion and all, and it’s not like it detracted from the story or anything, just an odd aesthetic choice. No price again, but it’s a big thing, so… $4?

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