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For anybody who’s not sure about how I feel about Jeff’s work, scroll down and read the other reviews. It was one of the first reviews I did for the page because I wanted to make sure that everybody who hadn’t heard of him would at least see him here. I think a bunch of these have been put up on his website over the last few years, so chances are you’ve seen some of them, if you visit his site on a regular basis. Trust me when I say that the whole is better than its parts. Not that the parts were bad at all, but there are also a few new strips in this. I’m of the opinion that Jeff can do no wrong, so if you’re looking for an unbiased review, you might want to stop reading now. Maybe his work will start sucking when he becomes fat and happy later in life, I don’t know, but for now he’s doing some of the best comics around. They’re all about simple things. Walking down a road, spending a day off of work doing nothing at all, sitting around feeling lonely, just little things. He has an amazing ability to slow everything down in his world and capture it on paper, which helps everybody reading to think about their own life and where it’s going. Turns out that it’s OK if it’s not really going anywhere, as long as you’re still able to stop and enjoy the little things. It’s great to see him getting published again and I think everybody should buy a copy of this. I have selfish reasons, of course, as I really want to see what kinds of comics he would do if he was rich and famous.


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