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Hey look, it’s one of those Robot Publishing guys! Always good to see more work from them, or at least the stuff I’ve seen so far. This is a collection of short stories, all what you’d call funny, and it’s hard to complain too much about that. Most of them are on his website too if you’re feeling cheap. They’re not all there though, so you will be missing out a bit. There’s one about a monkey and a crocodile, one about the seeds of grass, and one about two people who were destined to come together. Oh, crappy jokes, and you won’t be able to groan properly until you read the comic. It’s a bit steep at $3, but there’s some funny stuff in here. Not sure what the deal is with the guy with the bugs flying around his head, but it feels like there’s more to all the stories told here. It’s always good when the author makes you think that you’ve read more than you actually have. Does that make sense to anybody? Oh well.


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