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The saga continues here, as the seemingly endless supply of material from this found diary continues. In this issue Tammy gets drunk and passes out under a car (and ends up getting left behind at a party), sets up a shrine to a guy she has a crush on, mourns the death of The Smiths, cuts a rug, takes a joy ride in a huge truck (while sitting in a lawn chair on the passenger side), goes to an amusement park, steals some stuff at a Halloween store and deals with a lengthy and awkward hug from a creepy guy. And did I mention the centerfold in the middle where you see nipple? Ew. If you’ve been following the story for this long it’s not like you can stop now,and if you haven’t seen any of these yet, the good thing is that you can jump in anywhere and still enjoy it. It’s not like it follows a noticeable linear story or anything.


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