Ouija Interviews #3: Naomi by Sarah Becan

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Full disclosure here: I believe in Ouija boards working about as much as I believe in the average alien abduction. That is to say, not even a little unless I see proof of some kind. That being said, it didn’t matter one bit because this was a great story. A group of people “called” on the board (sorry, no idea what the term is) and were answered by a dead young girl named Naomi. She died horribly and misses the boy she had a crush on at the time, who either died with her or is still alive, as she hasn’t seen him. I have no idea of Sarah’s artistic ability from this becuase it’s just images of this dead girl in various poses, but she does a great job with the girl and the backgrounds, for whatever that’s worth I don’t think I’m adequately conveying what a blast this comic was, but it made me laugh a few times, and that’s always a good thing. I have no idea on price, but let’s say $3 at a guess, and the outside is creepily gorgeous.


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