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Hooray for qualified praise! I loved this issue, thought it was a great continuation of this series. We get to see the funeral for Glinda, Tinman trying to talk sense (or at least patience) into the lion, Scarecrow crashing said funeral with an army of crows, and, best of all, an attack by those famous flying monkeys. So why only qualified praise? Simple. This book, #2 of a three part series, came out in 2005. As of today, 8/24/07, #3 still isn’t out yet, or at least nowhere that it’s accessible online that I could find. Meaning that, fun as this book was, it doesn’t mean a damned thing unless this series gets wrapped up, and the sooner the better. Sorry to be a jerk about it, but after 6 years of doing this website I’ve had all the dangling series that I can take. As a whole, this series has some serious potential, for fans of the old Oz books or the movie (and people who have somehow never heard of either), as it’s a dark reimagining of these fairly simplistic characters. This issue in particular has some revealing conversations between the lion and the Tinman, as both are fleshed out in a big way and even the Scarecrow, mass murderer that he is, becomes a bit of a sympathetic character. So, a plea to the creators: finish what you started, realize the potential with this story that you’ve built up with these first two issues, and let me praise this whole series unreservedly.


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