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So what happens after the end of The Wizard of Oz? Scarecrow has his brains, Tinman has his heart, and the lion has his courage. Then what? This three issue series seeks to answer that question, or at least posits a pretty interesting theory. Scarecrow, it turns out, has plenty of knowledge but very little wisdom on how to use that knowledge. The story begins with Scarecrow, after trying to explain his philosophy to the Munchkins, deciding that the direct approach is the best way to go and ends up killing almost everybody in the village. The Tinman, who is trying to plant two trees for every one he cut down before he got his heart, learns of this and decides to look up his old friend the lion. The lion has turned into a bit of a beast, seemingly happy to solve every problem with violence now that he’s no longer a coward. Mixed into all of this is the damage that Scarecrow did to Emerald City in his time as ruler and Glinda’s efforts to set things right. It’s a fascinating concept, if a bit difficult to see the actor who played Scarecrow in the movie going on a major killing spree. Well worth a look, especially if they can keep this up for the next two issues.


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