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This is the last of Sarah’s current list of books that I’m getting around to reviewing (just in case anybody comes here wondering how this all works chronologically, and it’s a horrible mess that way, so please don’t bother), and it’s another impressive effort. It’s about a man named Vea who deserts from a company of explorers in the Banda Oriental and his eventual time in an Indian camp. Vea spends a day with the Indians, only to wake up the next day to find that everybody has either vanished or changed significantly from the night before. This happens every day, no matter if he takes a wife the night before, fights in a battle, anything that happens is forgotten on a daily basis, to the point where Vea can’t even remember the life he had before the village. His story becomes a legend around his old group of explorers, although no one knows how much of it is real, if any of it, or what really happened to Vea. This is based on a story from David Becan and it’s a fascinating concept, although used in various forms in various other stories. It’s done extremely well here and this one, along with pretty much any of her other books, is well worth checking out.


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