Icecreamlandia #2 by Eve Englezos & Joshua Moutray

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Here’s another of my lame attempts to define this series, as if attempting to define a comic was in any way a worthwhile pursuit: it’s kind of like flipping the channels late at night and not resting on anything for longer than a few seconds. Really, this is one of those cases where the only way this is going to make any sense to you would be to check it out for yourselves. I’ve probably said that more than a few times over the last three years, but I don’t think it’s ever been more true than with this. Snippets in this issue include forced dialogue from a game show, a chemistry joke, a wicked mullet, being totally freaked, a pregnant doll, Jesus, puking, having no gag reflex, and a Predator. See, I tried to tell you that it wouldn’t make any sense. This is one of the more innovative series that I’ve seen, and a trip to their website might just help to convince you of that fact.


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