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How does some of the stuff for the online store sit here so long unreviewed anyway? It's almost like I'm making this site up as I go along. Flummery was started in 1995 by Scott Mills and Jeff Sharp. 11 issues later, Scott got big and famous (sort of, at least for small press comics) and Jeff gave up the ghost... until now. Or, more accurately, then, as this was put out in 2005. There's a whole pile of short pieces in here, some longer than others. The highlights to me are the story about Jeff playing Civil War as a child (always as accurately as possible, at least until they got a couple of historically incompatible props), a true story about a man putting his stamp on one of the first things the US shot into space, Jeff's story from his Uncle Leon on how he almost ran over General Patton, a creepy tale about cutting the heads off some pesky turtles and how said heads could live for days, and the story of how Jeff (as a small child) ruined his new pants and how he covered it up to his mom. That's a lot of highlights, considering there are only a few more stories in here. Those are fine too, I'm just mostly ambivalent about them while the stories I mentioned had a tendency to resonate a bit more, for whatever reason. This thing has a gorgeous package too, what with the purple cover and the gold print and all. Worth checking out for fans of the old Flummery series, or just for people who like a good autobio story every now and then.


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