Earth Minds are Weak #4 by Justin J. Fox

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Well, here it is, the dramatic conclusion. I should mention that this series is subtitled “The Story of Suave Prospects”, because once you know that and you read the whole thing it all makes perfect sense, but if you’ve come here expecting me to spoil it all for you you’ve come to the wrong place. There’s a backup story in here with words, which killed my theory that only the wordless stuff was incomprehensible. As for the story itself, the last character to come out has a chat with a creature who reveals the great secret to him and things get a little crazy from there. I will say that it’s a satisfying conclusion, but I won’t say any more because most of you probably haven’t read the previous three issues and whatever I say specifically about the deeper meanings of this series will just prove how little I get it. I think it’s worth a look, but I also think I should have had a lot more alcohol when I read it, or possibly picked up a psychodelic drug habit of some kind.


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