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Wow, if I had any doubts about whether or not my new scanner was worth the money, compare the samples to #3 for the rest of the issues on this page. Of course, the cover is really orange and not yellow, but I’ll take that over how bad the other samples look. I plan on re-scanning everything eventually, by the way, probably when I get my legs chopped off and I can sit around scanning stuff all day. Wasn’t I supposed to be reviewing something? Oh yeah. This is another solid issue of Rebecca’s book. She says in here that she thinks Jeff Brown is cute, so I think they should get married and have kids that do the best comics in the world. Hey. I’m thinking long term here. In here are stories about family, Halloween, Thanksgiving, writing letters, kitties, salt in coffee, and Elf World. I think her books manage to be insightful and adorable at times, which is an amazing balance in my book. I’m guessing this is still $1, and if you haven’t checked out anything from her yet, it looks like she’s committed (hey #3 of a series is impressive these days). She’s got some serious talent, so buy some of her comics!


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