Earth Minds are Weak #3 by Justin J. Fox

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What is it with my relentless quest for meaning in these wordless minis anyway? What if it’s all completely meaningless, maybe the author just liked a particular sequence of events and put them together in comic form? Well, who knows, but I’m having a blast reading this series regardless, so who cares? This one deals with the last person out of the giant vagina (hey, that’s what happened) exploring the candle above the happy casket instead of the casket itself. Then another man comes out, and he seems to be a bit more playful with his surroundings than the other people, which invariably gets him into some trouble. Oh, and Jesus comes back and saves us all from the monsters. Or maybe I just made that last part up and threw it in there randomly, but I guess there’s just no way for you to know for sure, now is there?


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