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How was your work day? Did you explore the office at all? Have you ever? This comic takes some preconceived notions of working and office life and makes them do back flips. This comic starts with a seemingly average office worker, hard at it in his cubicle (which is inside of an extensive maze), who is soon interrupted to make sure that he is working hard enough at his art. Hey, at least he gets to make art all day. Along the way he tries to avoid the usual distractions, then eventually has to make his way to the break room. After a brief conversation he takes a smoke break, using an air vent to get some privacy. Once he's in the air vent he decides to go exploring, and that's where the fun really starts. This is probably about as misleading of a review as I've done, as for all you know from that description this is all about Dilbert. Dunja makes this comic all about the visuals, and the claustrophobic sense of being constantly trapped is palpable. The main character seems to mostly be trying to get by, not particularly looking for adventure, which doesn't prevent him from getting stuck in awkward situations. This is one of those comics that has to be seen and not so much talked about, and at least this is one of those cases where the website has plenty of various comics to help you make up your mind.


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