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Oh yeah, now I remember why I didn't review this comic until now (9/19/08, long after everything else on the page was reviewed): I didn't know what to make of it. It's a wordless comic, which can occasionally be the bane of my existence, as I often come up short trying to get a review anywhere nearly as profound as the work the artist put out, or at least as profound as they intended it to be. This follows the flight of a large bird through a city, focusing in on the people in the streets, all seeming to be either in a state of extreme nervousness and fear, perhaps of all the cops keeping an eye on things. And yes, it's clear from his other work as well as this that Corey doesn't entirely trust cops, and why on earth should he? They have free rein with tasers now, a "non-lethal" form of crowd control. Best to stay away from them if possible. We also see some reaction shots of animals, like a lion, monkey and a couple of dogs. Because... aw hell, I don't know. I like his other books better (and am still wondering when he's going to finish that damned Wizard of Oz trilogy), but if you're a fan of the wordless stuff it's certainly a cheap book to try out.


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