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Sometimes the back of a book can sum up the whole thing better than I could. Still, they pay me the big bucks to ramble, so off I go. This is the story of a former slave who escapes under mysterious circumstances. He’s on the run and comes across a temple with a religious service going on, and the rest of the book is the story of his living with these people and trying to move on with his new (and suddenly free) life. It’s a fascinating story about destiny and love, among many other things, and it well worth a look. It also won the Xeric award in 2001 and I have seen very few bad things come with that caveat. I have a bit of a problem with the sloppiness of the lettering at times. Never anything too serious and it’s just me seriously picking at nits, but I had to find something negative, right? Anyway, every one of his books is available here now and I really like his art.


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