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Allen, Amy – Zecord Space Alien Explorer Volume 1


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Zecord Space Alien Explorer Volume 1

What this looks like is four crudely drawn wordless stories about an explorer and a series of mishaps. What it is… actually, that’s pretty close. The drawing may look crude, but it’s cute and incredibly expressive. The whole thing reminds me just slightly of Jim Woodring and his Frank stories, except these are a lot more coherent. In this volume Zecord battles three little aliens and tries to capture one, trips out on some otherworldly drugs, gets help from a really ugly alien and finds a temple of cat worship. These are, of course, my best guesses based on reading through it once. Whatever is really going on, this is a fun book that you could probably show to people at parties and have them demand more. E-mail Amyor just send her $3 at: Hidden Agenda Press 647 N. Santa Cruz Ave. Ste. E Los Gatos, CA 95030.