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Martin, Dale (editor) – Watusi’s Doghouse Funhouse



Watusi’s Doghouse Funhouse (edited by Dale Martin)

I’m not allowed to review this one.  Why?  Because it’s not a comic!  It’s something completely different, and something that is meant purely for children: an activity book.  Remember those from being kids, where you’d fill in the mazes, do the word puzzles, check which images were exactly the same, those sorts of things?  That’s what this is.  Oh sure, there are comic stories in here by a variety of folks, but this one is really meant for the kids, and I’m far too much of a childless curmudgeon to do it justice.  Stories in here include a family coming up with their own endings to a movie when their DVD player craps out (by Dale Martin & Tom Cherry, and remember when VHS tapes would skip until they stopped?  They didn’t?  Oh yeah.  Huzzah for modern technology!), Mark Morehouse showing different snowmen, Dale & Ivan Martin with the highlight of the comic (a short piece about the cyclical nature of time travel), Drew Boynton’s tale of some kids trying to find information on Bigfoot, Bill Hook & Mike Sullivan’s Thunderdawg, and assorted short pieces.  If you have a kid who likes this sort of thing, you should pick this up.  It’ll train them at an early age to appreciate comics (and the soon-to-be-extinct concept of paper), and there really is a ton of activities for them in here.  For us crusty old adults who just prefer a good story, it’s probably best to move on to something else.  Or I suppose lightening up is an option… humbug!  $3.50