Aulisio, Pat – Vagary Syntax

April 22, 2010


Vagary Syntax

Pat seems to be all over the place with his issue titles, which is fine by me (and the title here is wonderful once you read the definition on the cover), as he doesn’t seem to be going for a long narrative at the moment anyway. This one is another collection of odds and ends. There’s the one coherent story from Creatures Saying Foul Things, a wonderfully disgusting story following a mosquitoish creature that infects an ape, a fat rocker eating dinner, some violence to an adorable creature, and, of course, a trip through monster forest. Tucked in with all of this are many pages of sketches and other shorties from guest artists, and it all rounds out to a pretty solid issue. As always, kudos to Pat for keeping these things cheap and I for one don’t mind a bit watching him figure out new and interesting ways to creep me out every few months or so…