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Taylor, Dan W. – Unleashed



I had to use the back cover of this comic as a sample because all the inside pieces had nudity that offended my delicate sensibilities.  Well, not mine, but it might offend a reader or two, and we can’t have that.  There’s also the fact that I liked the back cover image, so make of that what you will.  It’s all Dan this time around and it’s all for mature audiences, as he deals with the Kardashians (using an image that reminds me of a similar piece in National Lampoon from the 70′, and no I’m not quite that old but I did manage to find a pile of them from back when that magazine was funny), curse words and their shock value, a tapeworm joke, a clever pun on a Lady Gaga song, and a ribald song from his youth.  Kids, if you’re looking for a secret way to look at boobs that your parents might not suspect, there are plenty of more revealing images on this very internet or on network tv.  Adults, if you like a bit of funny that assumes that everybody reading it is a “mature” adult, I believe you will find at least a few stories in here that you will find amusing.  All for a measly buck!