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Tobey, Erin – This Is It #2


This Is It #2

It’s not a comic! It’s not a zine! It’s a… has anybody coined a term for that yet? Somebody should really get on that. How about czine? Sounds just like zine, but all the super cool people will know what it means. How indie is that? I win the medal of all indiness! And I’m rambling in a review again. Oops. This one is about half comics and half writing about various topics. The comics include knowing a friend by smell, seeing an old friend, grade school, friendster, and cuddling with friends. Lots of friends in there. The writing was the highlight of the book for me, maybe because the lettering was incredibly sloppy on the comics, to the point that it was tough to read a few things. The essays didn’t have that problem. She wrote about the last year of her life, the nature of space and time, what she would do if her brother fell off a cliff, the midwest and her desperate need to be recognized by friends. She has a real gift in articulating her thoughts, judging from this I’d say she’d make a great weekly columnist… except I don’t know of any paper that’s willing to publish someone who is this brutally honest about her life. Then again, I don’t read many papers, so what do I know? Check out the new website, this one is $2 and I think it’s worth a gander.