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Neno, Michael – The Toy Box


The Toy Box

Believe it or not, this is actually one of those rare cases where the cover scan is slightly larger than the actual comic. The actual comic is almost too short to talk about it, as it details a young boy putting all his dolls into a box and then having the box stolen by another kid running by. It’s cute and there’s a good punchline, so yes, it is worth sending him that $.50 if you’re so inclined. That and I loved all of his other stuff, so there’s plenty of stuff worth getting. My problem with Michael is that he always has the same stuff for sale, year after year that I see him at SPACE (this one is from 2003, I just missed it, probably because it’s so tiny). A brief trip to his website shows that he’s been busy, he’s just been doing stuff for another company, which is probably why the new stuff is never displayed at his table. I’m grasping at straws here, but the only other explanation is that I’ve been missing his new stuff year after year when it was right in front of my nose while he was one of the main people I was checking into every year for new stuff. That would make me an idiot, and that couldn’t be, now could it? Anyway, this is worth checking out, at least after you check out his longer, better stuff first. $.50