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Reed, Desmond – The Neighbor


The Neighbor

Ah, cats. It’s a sad but true fact that the inclusion of cats in a comic will make me more likely to enjoy it. Yes, I’m a guy in his mid 30’s with one cat who is somehow still managing to turn into a crazy cat lady. Still, I like to think that I wouldn’t like a book JUST because it had cats, and going by that theory I’ll say that this is an objectively good book, not just a good book because of the cat. Anyway, this book deals with a cat that is new to a neighborhood and has the place all to itself. No communal litterbox like at the cat shelter and everybody loves it.  Things take a sudden turn for the worse when this cat notices another cat just across the way, but this other cat seems to be evil. I’ll say no more, but I will say that I loved the fact that Desmond mentioned in his letter that I was allowed to use the artwork in the review as long as I didn’t spoil the ending. I understand that that could be a problem at some other sites, but your secret is safe with me. After all, in the few comics of his that I’ve read so far, the ending has been the best part, as every time it’s managed to be clever and unexpected while still fitting in perfectly with the rest of the story. No mean feat, and he’s three for three at the moment. $2