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McInturff, Don – The Mighty Offenders #2 (with Tod Parkhill & Joey Mason)


The Mighty Offenders #2 (co-written by Tod Parkhill and art by Joey Mason)

I forgot to add those other creative folks in the last review. Sorry about that, I usually try to make all of that stuff clear. Anyway, onwards to #2! I said that this series could turn out to be one of the great parodies, and I still stand by that possibility, but this issue didn’t do too much to push that along. Our heroes have been captured by aliens in regards to that stolen jet pack, and most of this issue is pure mayhem and explosions. Which is fine, but… who are these people again? Please with some sort of synopsis of the previous issues before #3, it would be ever so helpful. Also, I have a tendency to bitch when people are lazy on the backgrounds, but this comic looks like it will never have that problem. Just check out the sample if you don’t believe me. EVERY panel is packed, sometimes to the point where you really have to examine it just to make sure you’re catching everything. All in all a good issue that looked fantastic. And it’s not like most parodies have the most well-rounded characters in the world anyway, so it’s entirely possible that I’m looking for something that will never come. Still, if I didn’t have that one minor complaint about a lack of character development (or even trying to remember who the characters were) then this would be a completely positive and gushy review, and who wants that? $2

McInturff, Don – The Mighty Offenders #1


The Mighty Offenders #1

I suppose there are already plenty of superhero parodies out there, and a whole bunch of them are bad. That’s fine, those things tend to go away on their own after a few issues anyway. This one (and I’m well aware of the fact that this is only one issue and it could go downhill fast from here) has the potential to be one of the best. The team is eclectic enough, as one of the members found an alien jetpack and watch in the mail, another can “think” at animals, anther one looks like the average strongman in the group, and the rest of them don’t get much time to develop. Why not? Well, because about half of the book is this frantic, completely insane car chase that involves a flying deer. The art looks vaguely like the best whorly animators on Nickelodeon or other animated shows, which fits the frantic storyline perfectly. Oh yeah, the story. The man with the jetpack has just gotten it in the mail from aliens and doesn’t know how to work any of this technology, so he’s trying to join this superhero group. One of them pulls the cord on the jetpack, he flies off and the chase scene ensues. It’s $2, you can find it here, and it’s well worth a look. Seriously!