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Woodring, Jim


Interviews: One from Cartoons Forum. Somebody tell me if they can find more and I’ll put them up here…

The Book of Jim

If you like things that are even remotely outside the box, as they say, then you already know all about Jim Woodring. In my humble opinion, there isn’t a greater living comic artist. Nobody can combine the pretty pictures with the crazy words like he can. This isn’t the kind of thing that you read looking for a good story: beginning, middle and end. It is the kind of story you read if you’re mood is kind of off, if you’re tired of reading the regular pattern of story. Jim is part diary-like rambling, part comics, and part other random stuff. This is one of the books that should be kept in print for all time.

Frank Volume 1

This is the comic that taught me how silly it was to distrust the wordless comic. Nobody has done it better before or since than Jim Woodring. Frank is a… cat… dog… creature of unknown origin who gets into all kinds of crazy adventures. There’s no better way to describe it than that, but don’t think of “crazy” in the cliche way it has been used for years, but rather go back to the root of the word, when it actually meant “insane”. Think back to the last truly insane thing you’ve seen. Not weird, not zany or wacky, but insane. Welcome to the world of Frank!

Frank Volume 2

When I say “more of the same” for this volume, I hope you know that that is a very good thing indeed.

Frank #4