Chandler, Richy – Tempo Lush #6: The A-Z of Absolute Truth

April 22, 2010



Tempo Lush #6: The A-Z of Absolute Truth

Well, that is certainly a definitive title.  This mini is a slight change from a mini comic format I’ve seen more than a few times in my years of reading as many minis as humanly possible: doing an image per letter of the alphabet.  This time around it’s done in the guise of a comic adaptation of song lyrics, and I get the distinct impression that the band is Richy’s as well.  Shame on him, he’s not allowed to be good at comics AND music.  The rest of us might well get a complex of some kind.  Anyway, some of the choices for letters are amusing (I particularly enjoyed the randomness of mentioning volcanoes (and then saying, for some reason, that they never tear your home apart), how God and homosexuals hate each other and the cliffhanger of never explaining the reference to the octopus), some mildly amusing and some just plain lazy.  I mean, cat and dog?  Maybe it rolls of the tongue better in the song.  If it was all by itself maybe this comic would be considered so-so, but in the rich tapestry of the whole teddy bear box seat it’s a wonderfully complementary mini.  $16.50 for the set of ten comics.