Anderson, Chris – The 12 Hour Man

April 22, 2010


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The 12 Hour Man #1 (art by Scott Longo)

Go ahead, take a guess on what this comic is about.  I’m sure there’s a list of possibilities racing through your mind after seeing that title.  And the winner is… a one man wrecking crew working for a shadowy arm of the government!  Yep, in this case the 12 hour man is someone who drops into an area, clears out all the bad guys in it and goes home in under 12 hours.  Basically it’s an excuse for Chris & Scott to draw some serious gore and mayhem, and I’m here to tell them that they don’t need an excuse for such a thing.  As there’s not much of a story to speak of, it leaves me, as a reviewer, with a bit of a blank spot in terms of things to talk about.  The art is wonderful, with some brutal (but never horrific, somehow) violence.  The writing, well, all Chris has to do is throw in a few instructions from the mysterious man guiding the 12 hour man and the occasional shouted threat, but he does this admirably.  My appreciation for the work of this man should be obvious if you scroll down this page a bit, and this comic does nothing to lessen that.  Start with the “Everything” series (as it does, after all, contain everything), then work your way over to this one.  No price, as usual, but I’ll guess $2