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Kochalka, James – Superfuckers



I can’t even express how happy I am to finally have another James Kochalka book around that I love completely.  I’ll admit it, all the all-ages stuff got me down.  Not that it was awful, or at least not the parts that I read, it was just that there was so damned much of it, and so little of it was actively awesome.  This comic right here, as if you couldn’t tell from that explosive cover and the title, is actively awesome.  Oh, and I get to say “Superfuckers” without the asterisk because I’m an adult and I’ve earned it.  Kids, please insert that asterisk in there in your brains so you don’t think adult thoughts accidentally.  It’s a bit silly that I’m complaining about the childish nature of his recent books when this could be accurately described as a series of jokes featuring the words “gay”, “retarded”, “fart” or “homo”, but there’s a way that it all makes perfect sense.  You see, the juxtaposition of wordplay with the intricate… hey, look over there, that house is on fire!  As I was saying, this book is fantastic.  All of the issues of the series are included, even the hysterically priced first issue ($7!), along with a bonus issue to reward you for buying the collected edition.  It’s only #1, right?  There’s more to come?  One can only hope.  The cast of characters features Superhero Dan, Plant Lad, Jack Krak, Princess Sunshine, Grotessa, Vortex, Orange Lightning, and Donkey Anus.  OK, I made one of those up.  Their powers are irrelevant, as it’s not like they spend any time fighting crime or anything.  They mostly get high off the slime trail of Grotus, remain blissfully unaware of their nemesis (a lump of goo who hangs around outside their house, hoping to catch a glimpse of Princess Sunshine), and insult/try to kill each other.  The highlights (among many) include Jack Krak becoming a Christian, superhero tryouts (in which the last one standing gets to be on the team), Tumor and Grotus gettin’ it on, the pocket universe, the murder of Orange Lightning (um, spoiler alert, but only kind of), and the choices Vortex makes when setting up the new universe.  This is exactly the reason I was such a fan of the works of James Kochalka back in the day, and the reason why I’ve been “meh” on it for ages, not that I can begrudge the guy some cash for books for kids.  James’ super power is making books like this one, which is why I wish he would focus his energies in this direction more often. Buy this to restore your love in comics and superheroes, or buy this to reaffirm your belief that superheroes are  really, really stupid.  It works for everything!  $14.95