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Roberts, Rafer – Plastic Farm: Seasons of Growth in the Field of Despair


Plastic Farm: Seasons of Growth in the Field of Despair

OK listen Rafer, I try to run a tight ship around here. I try to keep things in some semblance of order, keep creator’s book all on their proper pages and whatnot. So when things get to the point where all I have to deal with is the occasional preview issue, keeping order gets difficult. Luckily the actual story content is excellent enough that it manages to shove most of my neuroses to the floor, so kudos for that. For all the people who have been waiting for the Chester origin story, the real thing, it doesn’t get much earlier in a character’s history to show them getting slapped around as a baby. This tells the tale of where Chester came from (although there’s still more room to dig in that subject), a bit about the people who took him in, what their plans were and how exactly he ended up at Greybridge. Rafer is planning on a big old graphic novel some time in 2009, and I’m really hoping that enough people have picked up on this series by now that he’ll be able to tell his story in that format and be successful. Judging from the bits and pieces I’ve seen so far it’ll be worth the wait…