Palm, Marc – Save the Ruined

August 21, 2012


Save the Ruined

One of these days I’m going to smarten up and do capsule reviews for tiny mini comics like some of the other review sites out there. This is an 8 page mini (although the cover is technically one page that folds over, making it a 7 page mini) dealing with a pile of ruins. Where did it come from? Who is it supposed to honor? And, most importantly, why aren’t people allowed to disturb a scattered pile of rubble? Is it going to become more disorganized and, if so, who would care? It’s an interesting batch of questions and a very thoughtful comic. The man can certainly draw rubble, and I’m happy to see something completely different from the last comic of his that I reviewed. Huzzah for being kept guessing! So I’d say that this is worth a look, but you should definitely get it in a pile of other comics unless you want your Marc Palm comic experience to be about 30 seconds long. Hey look, I basically did a capsule review anyway! $1