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Romano Diehl, Sarah – Another One Bites The Crust


Another One Bites The Crust

Not to derail the review right off the bat or anything (how very unlike me!) but this one starts off with something called Snowdown, which is a yearly fesitval in Colorado. Curious? So was I! Click the link and it’ll tell you anything you want to know. On a completely unrelated note, if anybody in central Ohio wanted to put together a similar event, that sounds like a wonderful idea. OK, let’s talk about this comic. It’s the third in a series, so any confusion I had about certain characters and how they related to others was probably already addressed, which would make it a silly thing to complain about, so I won’t. This is basically a few months in the life of a group of friends, co-workers and weirdos, with a whole lot of crossover in those categories. If you’ve ever worked in a restaurant (a pizzeria in this case), you’ll find a lot to relate to in here. Delivery bike getting stolen repeatedly, oddball customers, drugs and booze showing up all over the place, and working until making it home and collapsing into bed. Unless there’s a party of some sort going on, in which case forget about that nonsense of going to sleep. To me (and, as always, reviews are subjective, which is a nice way to say that they’re often wrong) this is less of an A to B type story and more a collection of incidents, people, conversations and parties. Lots and lots of parties. The thing holding it all together is Puzo (a pizza delivery person) and her spending more and more time with Tito (who owns a skate shop even though he looks like a teenager). She’s got a bad feeling about him from the jump, but he’s relentless and they end up spending more and more time together. Eventually she’s warned about him from another friend, so she calls on one of those oddballs (who calls himself a detective) to try to get to the bottom of it. Honestly, you could be forgiven for losing track of that story in the rush of other people and parties; I had a general sense of who was who by the end of it, and it probably would have been improved if I’d read the other issues. Again, the feeling of this was the most important aspect to me, the sheer joy at being alive even if it was mixed in with real problems. It’s fun, it’s funny, and anybody who has ever lived through anything like this in their own lives will find a lot to relate to. Her shop is down at the moment (although that does appear to be temporary), but this is basically as big as a graphic novel, so I’m going to guess that this is at least $15. Give it a shot!

Romano Diehl, Sarah & Lehmann, Brandon – I Like Totally Know What You Did Last Summer

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I Like Totally Know What You Did Last Summer

Is this still a movie that can be parodied in 2019? I’m genuinely curious if the kids today remember a movie that came out in, what, 1995? It just occurred to me that I’m connected to the internet, so it turns out it was 1997, with one sequel. Eh, who knows. I thought it was terrible when I saw it (full disclosure: in the theaters; yes, I’m ancient), but it’s not like that’s enough to stop a movie from becoming a cult classic. Anyway, you’ll get more out of this comic if you’ve seen the movie, but either way it’s a fun little romp of teenage panic, unsupported assumptions and mistaken identity. I can’t say much more about that without giving the whole plot away, but I will say it’s not just a retelling of the film, this comic has its own thing to say. I laughed a few times, I didn’t see the ending coming, what more can you ask for? I am curious about what exactly happened to Tom, but it’s irrelevant really, and me finding out would have ruined the surprise a bit earlier. Give it a shot, especially if you’re as amazed as I am to find out that that movie has any kind of staying power. $6.90