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Corby, Bob (editor) – Oh, Comics! #20



Oh, Comics! #20

Hello comics anthology! What sort of mixed bag do you have for me today? Before I get into it I should point out (in case I haven’t already) that I love that title, as it could be taken in so many ways. I prefer to take it as an exclamation of alarm, but am also happy accepting it in the context of some lovable scamp accidentally knocking over a flower vase. The subject of this one is “Air” (which should maybe have been mentioned on the cover somewhere, but in hindsight it’s hard not to think of air when you’re looking at that cover by Max Ink), and stories include a silent tale of an overly inquisitive space ghost (not THE Space Ghost) by Bianca Alu-Marr and Steve Peters, a hilarious parody of the 50’s style alarmist propaganda videos by Derek Baxter and Brian Canini (probably the highlight of the anthology), Pam Bliss proving that she can draw the difference between a husky and a wolf, a gloomy but accurate (and gorgeous) tale of an astronaut trying to fix a satellite and the consequences of it by D. Skite, Canada Keck’s tale of getting on a plane and getting a one-way ticket to anywhere, two short poems/pieces by Matt Levin about the subject matter, Michael M. Carroll’s tale of some issues between the elements of his Accidentals, Bob Corby’s piece on space cops and their search for an illegal passenger, and a Robert Gavila tale from 2004 about giant lizards. I saw the ending of that one coming, but I am also a gigantic dork with way too much knowledge of such things. There are also a couple of Cornelia pieces by Kel Crum and one story by Steven Myers that I didn’t mention because it is not for me. The two lady hero characters are called She-Eagle (seriously) and First Lady, and the whole thing is meant in earnest, and it is just not something that I enjoyed. But hey, to each their own. It’s a nicely varied pile of stories, and there are quite a few of them for that tiny $5 price tag.


Gavila, Robert – Nisha #2


Nisha #2

This one was a hodge-podge of stories. Nisha is a comic that he started last year, kind of a La Femme Nikita but with silly comic dialogue. At times, anyway, as sometimes it was just fine, other times it made me groan a little bit. I’m curious to see just what makes her tick, as she seems to be unlike most of the spy characters that I’ve seen, but the bits with the “henchmen” and the captive husband and daughter didn’t do much for me. Most of the rest of the comic was filled with something called Wally W. Weber, which is a Dilbert-style strip about office life. A funny punch-line here and there, which is about all I can ask from that type of thing. My favorite thing was the back page, which I’ll put up here for you to see. Check out the website, as he puts up pages from Nisha as he finishes them.