Aulisio, Pat – Quotidian

April 22, 2010



Because I make such a mess of trying to explain these things coherently, here’s the intro from the author: “Meet Quotidian, a joyful gent who’s fond of an adventure or two. Join him in his everyday life of exploring the world, fighting off wild beasts, getting loaded, and rocking out with his band”. It’s a silent tale of Quotidian, a “gent” that looks sort of like the blob in a gorilla suit. He does the things mentioned above and even falls in love, or at least lust. Pat’s work has vaguely reminded me of Jim Woodring’s Frank stuff for a while, but this is the closest it has come to that work in quality. I wouldn’t say he’s there yet, but give him another 20 years or so at this (like Mr. Woodring) and he’s got a shot at it. I love how almost nothing in his books comes from the real world. It’s a joy to see something that comes this purely from imagination, even if the mind behind it is a bit warped. Hell, especially if the mind behind it is a bit warped. Oh, and Quotidian also shoots what looks like a laser beam out of his groin. And have I mentioned yet that the whole comic is a story, no sketchbook pages or shorties in there to mess up the flow? Excellent stuff, and the perfect book to introduce people to Pat, as I’m pretty sure there’s nothing to particularly offend in this one…