Grunenwald, Joe – Post-Script

May 29, 2010



This comic does not get off to a promising start.  I love that cover, but “buyer beware” indeed, as it’s from Jason Young (of Veggie Dog Saturn fame).  The first page of the comic, the first thing that anybody standing at a comic store or at a table at a convention is going to see, is a flat image of a villain and hero getting ready for some kind of battle.  No background, the movement lines on the hero looked more like smudges than anything else, and the costumes of both of these two are simple as can be.  Nothing to catch the eye, that’s what I’m trying to say.  Luckily for Joe I’m one of those people who just tries to get a variety of comics at cons more than anything else, and luckily for me the comic gets a lot better after that first page.  This is ostensibly a comic of a typical action scene, one in which the villain uses a few underhanded tricks, tries to hurt a few innocents and ends up safely back in jail by the end of the comic.  What makes it unique is that the fight itself is silent and the text we see throughout is a heartfelt letter from the mother of the villain trying to figure out what went wrong with him over the years and whether or not it was her fault.  It’s a haunting piece, made all the more impressive because it’s told over such a ridiculously stereotypical fight scene.  Every one of those villains (assuming they were real, but in this case let’s just go with the actual villains in the world) had a mother and the vast majority of them tried to do the right thing by them, but some people are bound to turn out bad.  Like I said, the art is a bit rough, but it gets better as the comic goes on, and it’s a unique enough idea that it’s worth taking a look.  No website, but Joe does have an e-mail if you’d like to drop him a line.  Do people still say that,  “drop them a line”?  If not, they should.  That and “new-fangled”, that’s also a good one.  Can you tell it’s a weekend?  I’m stopping now.  No price, but a buck or two should do the trick…