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Kindt, Matt & Hall, Justin – Pistolwhip



Another one of my blind buys. Hey, until there’s a good comic store around here where I can actually look at stuff on the shelves and see what I think I might like, there’s not much choice, is there? It’s a pretty hit or miss process, so I’m always happy when I find something that I can unreservedly recommend to people. I don’t want to give a single thing away of this plot, because a lot of the joy in the book is watching it all unfold. How about this: it’s the tale of a detective, a femme fatale (there’s really no other term for her) and a hotel worker with big dreams. Throw in a freak show and some gunplay and you have a winner. If you haven’t figured it out yet, it’s a mystery/noir in the tradition of the best in the genre, like the Jim Thompson or Raymond Chandler stuff. Here’s hoping that this is the first of many things that these two have planned together. They could certainly help to reinvigorate monthly comics, as their style would fit perfectly into a monthly or bimonthly book. Deceptively simple artwork, kind of reminds me of Jason Lutes but a little looser. Sometimes I wish I knew actual artistic terms for all you artists out there. I know as well as you do that most of you reading this make your own comics or are friends of mine… Have I mentioned that I can’t recommend this book enough? The only thing that disappointed me was the inclusion of the freak show, and that’s only because it seems like every noir story these days has to have a freak show in it somewhere. Obviously a personal problem of mine and no slight at all to what these guys have done. Don’t forget their website! Go buy it, stop reading this.