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Krauss, Richard – Media Report Comix


Media Report Comix

This is for all you comic readers out there who appreciate the history of the genre. Richard has released a collection of sorts of some strips from the late 70’s, done in color (as he always wanted) for the first time. As with any collection of this sort, some of the jokes didn’t do anything for me, while others were pretty damned funny. And as with any collection of this sort, any attempt of a reviewer to go page by page and describe what the jokes are about would essentially kill the funny. I think the page I sampled is pretty representative of the contents; if you like this stuff, chances are you’ll like the rest of the book. If you don’t… well, maybe I picked the wrong page to sample. There is a website up there for you to get a more thorough idea of his work anyway, so what are you complaining to me about? $3