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McMillan, Matt & Kremply, Lindsay – Hide & Sheik

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Hide & Sheik

Here’s an odd technical question: does somebody share the billing for producing a comic when they came up with the concept but didn’t do any actual work on the book? Matt is more than willing to share the credit here, both on the cover and in the bios on the front cover, but I would think that you’d have to contribute something to the making of a book besides offering an idea to officially get credit. But hey, they’re listed together, so they both get listed here together. None of that should take away from what is a delightful story, and yes, that punny title plays a big role in things. The comic starts off with two warring nations finally making peace, with the leader of Pachypersepolis (yes, a land of elephants) and the sheik pictured on the cover sharing a moment to commemorate the occasion. The leader of the elephants shows him their prized “Founding Nut,” explains the penalty for anybody who messes with said nut, and continues on their tour. The sheik, however, is a little alarmed with what he’s just heard and spends an extra minute in the room, which is when a squirrel comes down from the ceiling, Mission Impossible style, and steals the nut. The leader comes back into the room, the sheik is dumb enough to be eating some other crunchy form of food when he tries to tell the elephant about the squirrel, and the chase is on. It has a pretty great ending and there’s the promise that it’s going to be continued somewhere else, so I’m curious to see how that goes. Another good reason to buy Lutefisk Sushi E! Oh, and I also am not at all sure if I got the spelling for Lindsay’s name right from that cover, so somebody should feel free to correct me.