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Van Gheluwe, Mathilde – Spectacular Vermacular


Spectacular Vermacular

Hey everybody, mini kus comics now have better binding! Yeah, don’t think you can sneak improvements by me. I occasionally notice things. I will give you one spoiler right off the bat: nothing in this comic will help you discover whether or not “Vermacular” is a typo. Maybe it’s the last name of the witch? But I’m getting ahead of myself. This one starts off with a very fancy talking cat on a late night talk show. They chat with the usual talk show banalities, then the host shows Vlad (the cat) an “embarrassing” old photo of him with a witch. The photo is meant to poke some light fun, but it triggers a nostalgia overload in the cat, who loses himself in the memory of his time with this witch. The rest of the comic shows Verma (the witch) gradually getting sick of taking orders from the citizens and deciding to make a name for herself with her talking cat. There’s a lot to ponder here, as the story avoids giving the reader a whole bunch of easy answers. It’s not the first time that I’ve wished for a second issue after reading a self-contained mini kus comic and it probably won’t be the last, but I’m genuinely curious about the time in between the witch and this cat getting famous. If that’s not the sign of a damned good comic then I don’t know what is.