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Roman, Dave – Ron Weasley and the Ewok Invasion #2 (with John Green)


Ron Weasley and the Ewok Invasion #2

Why #2 when there was clearly no #1? No idea. This is one of those cases where the cover tells you everything you need to know. If you like the idea of the Ewoks invading Hogwarts (and Dave and John make very clear that this is just for their own amusement and that nobody involved should sue them), and if you especially love the idea of the people responsible for Teen Boat and Astronaut Elementary doing said story, then there’s no reason in the world for you not to check this out. There are also a couple of bonus stories, one detailing the morning routine of the Weasley household (as told by Ginny Weasley, written and drawn by actual person Marion Vitus) and one a short Jax Epoch story. I also just noticed that I have two copies of this and no price, so how about this: the next person who orders a complete set of Teen Boat books gets my extra copy. If there’s a mad rush with people ordering sets left and right, don’t worry, I’ll throw something extra in for everybody who gets an order in before I update the website again. If nobody orders any copies, well, then this extra copy will just have to gather dust until somebody does.