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Hahn, Richard – Lumakick #2


Lumakick #2

Just in case anybody thought the first book was a fluke somehow, this second issue proves otherwise. The best thing about Richard is that, two issues in, it’s already almost impossible to compare him to anybody else. Sure, there are brief moments when the art looks like that one guy, or a phrase will sound like that other guy, but they were so brief and so tiny that I have to wonder now if I was just trying to find somebody, anybody, to compare him to for the sake of the review. Can’t be done, I’m afraid. In here you have longing, love, wandering, representations and then, like last time, the comic relief of Clemenza and Tessio. They were all clumped together this time instead of being spread out after each story in the last book, which I think frankly was a better setup. One man’s opinion, that’s all that is. If you somehow missed #1, even with everybody talking about it, well, you have no excuses this time. If you ever sit by yourself just to think, or wonder about the universe and everything in it, read this comic. The price is a bit hefty at $5.95, but it’s also a pretty hefty book, and you won’t spend that money on a better comic this year. Contact info is up there!

Hahn, Richard – Lumakick #1


Lumakick #1

I’m suspicious of this book. I don’t mean that in a negative way, but supposedly this is the first comic by Richard. The thing is that it’s one of the best things I’ve seen all year, and I’m writing this on the last day of 2002. Precise, meticulous artwork combined with stories that just sing, whether or not they have words… It’s an incredible accomplishment. Three cheers to the good people at the Xeric Foundation for giving this man as much money as he needed to do this. What’s the comic about? Well, there are several stories in it. Some silent, some not. There are stories about insomnia, loneliness, love, poetry… Mostly everything worth writing about. And then there are the one page strips with Clemensa and Tessio, perfectly timed comedic breaks for when things get too serious. Go to his website, see just about the best art I’ve seen all year and buy this book.